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Our business is tailored to provide our clients with professional commercial real estate support. We currently provide our services to business owners, as well as owners of commercial office/industrial and residential real estate. Our attention to detail and understanding of owners’ needs and objectives brings vital value to your bottom line.

“...delivering customized support
    from first hand experience...”

Our services include:

  • National Procurement Programs
  • Target Marketing and Demographics
  • Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Management Planning
  • Physical Condition Assessments and MRO Consulting Services

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National Procurement Program

The National Procurement Program initiative provides immediate value to the bottom line for owners of real estate. Property Priorities understands that immediate benefit is the owners’ ultimate objective, and the National Procurement Program is structured to meet that objective. Since there is no upfront investment, benefits are recognized upon program implementation.

The National Procurement Program is offered to companies that may not have a consistent purchase volume to warrant these programs individually or that may not have the in-house resources to develop such programs. There are no minimum quantity requirements and there is no subscription fee to begin saving on the supplies and services necessary to operate your facility.

Property Priorities, LLC is aligned with companies that are dedicated to providing consistent quality services and products at a competitive price. These manufacturers and service companies have a national presence, either by virtue of their size or strategic alliances by independently owned companies. Networks have been developed to provide consistent quality services to a broad geographic area. Your complete satisfaction is our goal!

We welcome you to contact us to discuss how Property Priorities can assist you in fine tuning your present procurement program.

Marketing Support Services

Property Priorities, LLC utilizes proprietary mapping software to create demographic reports and business lists. The power of this information lies in the flexibility of the software to create studies in any area of the United States. Information can be gathered from any area by state, county, census tracts, blocks, MSA's or even a specified radius from any selected point.

Using the information above, once an area is selected, business lists within that area can be created for targeted marketing campaigns. Businesses can be selected by SIC code to further define potential prospects for your marketing campaign.

For example, assume you own or manage a medical building you wish to sell or that has a vacancy for lease. Property Priorities, LLC can generate a business list of all the medical businesses within a desired radius of your building. As a result, your marketing campaign targets the specific users for your property, maximizing the outcome of your investment of time and marketing dollars.

Emergency Preparedness and
Incident Management Planning

Property Priorities, LLC has developed a program to create a comprehensive yet customized emergency preparedness plan for your business or real estate assets. This program begins with an initial interview with senior management to determine your needs and expectations for the overall plan.

Through subsequent interviews with your property and facility management personnel, our customized services are structured to fit the specific needs of your business or real estate holdings. These customized plans are then utilized to facilitate the information gathering and plan writing process.

The fundamental benefit of this program is that it enables you to create a customized plan for each facility without the expense of prepackaged software programs that may not fit your needs or budget.

Consulting Services

Property Priorities offers a wide range of consulting services in commercial property management. Our senior experienced personnel will provide guidance in the following areas:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Accounts Receivable Guidance
  • Pre-acquisition Inspections
  • Property Operations
  • Operating Expense Control
  • Customer Retention Programs
  • Lease Administration